BetterBugs For Managers

BetterBugs enables project managers to work with a streamlined approach to the bug management process. With BetterBugs, project managers now have a one-stop shop for efficient issue analysis, and resolution, ensuring smooth project delivery every time.

BetterBugs integrates easily with popular project management and messaging tools like Jira, Slack, GitHub, Asana, Linear, ClickUp, MS Teams, and Trello. This ensures a smooth and undisrupted project workflows.

Key Advantages for Managers

BetterBugs integrates seamlessly with popular tools such as Jira, Slack, ClickUp, Linear, Asana, MS Teams, Trello, and GitHub. This integration ensures that project managers can continue using their preferred tools while leveraging the power of BetterBugs for enhanced bug management.

Efficient Issue Understanding and Analysis

Project managers can analyze bug reports thoroughly, accompanied by detailed information and attachments shared by the QA engineers and developers. This helps to quickly understand the issue, enabling project managers to make informed decisions for efficient issue resolution.

BetterBugs ensures that managers stay in the feedback loop and communicate with QA engineers, developers, and support teams through real-time comments on bug reports. This allows for proactive project management, addressing issues before they impact project timelines.

Faster Project Turnaround Time

The easy workflows of reporting, debugging, and collaborating on issues and bugs can help managers follow up on everything in minimal time. This can contribute to faster turnaround time in a project. In short, BetterBugs can help managers meet deadlines efficiently and manage software issues in a better and streamlined way.

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