Delayed Screenshot

Steps to Take Screenshots with Countdown Timers of 3 Seconds and 6 Seconds

Many times there are cases where you want to capture screenshots with a few seconds delay. Yes, it's just like the feature while you take pictures from your smartphone setting up a countdown timer.

Here is how to easily capture screenshots with a countdown timer:

  1. Open the BetterBugs extension in Chrome.

  2. Once the user interface is open, you will find the "Take Now" option present (by default) under the "Take a screenshot" option. This default setting lets you capture screenshots instantly.

  3. Open the drop-down menu attached to the "Take Now" text by clicking the drop-down icon.

  4. You will find two options for setting up the time delay, "After 3 seconds" and "After 6 seconds". Click an option to set your tool for time delay.

  5. Now you can choose between the three options from the nearby icons for Crop, Visible Screen, or Full Page.

  6. Click from the options of taking screenshots to start the countdown timer based on your selection for 3 seconds or 6 seconds.

There you have it, the screenshot is captured and can be annotated using the toolbar options. You can now easily share the screenshot with the generated link. BetterBugs auto-attaches console logs, network requests, and system info with every bug report.

You can send the complete bug report by clicking "Send to your tools" available on the top right section of the bug report. You can select your integrated project management tool from the list of options.

For instance, if you have selected the "Crop" option for your screenshot with a time delay set to 3 seconds, you can click on it and drag your mouse to select the area of interest on the screen.

The selected area will be captured with a countdown timer displayed along with it.

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