Login > Workspace Settings > Members (Admin Access Only)

Once you click the "Members" option from the workspace settings menu, you can invite and change preferences for project members. You can easily collaborate with other team members on a project.

Here's a lowdown on the options/features available:

  • Search by name or email: Search for a member with the member's email.

  • Invite members: Invite members to your workspace with an email address.

  • Members: List of all members added to your workspace.

  • Member Type: Assign role to the added/invited member.

  • Status: Displays the current status of a member.

  • Action: Choose an action for the added members.

Once you send the invite and the role for the added person, it appears in the list of team members. You can change the role after it gets added to the list. You can also delete members from the Members list.

When you send an invite, that person has to accept the invitation sent through email. The person can choose to "Reject" or "Accept" the invitation.

In case there is an invite "Pending" status in the list, you (default Admin) can "Resend Invite" or "Delete" the invitation.

As an "Admin", you have full control of the workspace and project.

SSO Settings (Onboarding Workflow Feature)

You can add custom domains to your workplace that enable members to select one or multiple workspaces and join without having you (the owner or admin) invite them separately to your workspace.

Here's how the SSO Settings (Onboarding workflow feature) work:

As a workspace owner or an Admin, you can add any domain name in the SSO list under SSO settings.

For instance, if you add the domain name: "" under the SSO list for your workspace, whenever a new user (first-time user) tries to log in using an email with the domain "" in his/her email ID, he/she can see a list of all your workspaces since you have "" listed it under your SSO settings. The person can select one or multiple workspaces and join without an invite to your workspace. For example, Jessie is a new user who has never used BetterBugs. Jessie enters his email as and enters OTP for email verification.

Jessie can see your workspace list with "" added to the SSO Settings list. He can join any or all of your workspaces where "" is added to the Workspace SSO list. Jessie can now navigate directly to your workspace. He can also skip the onboarding flow if he chooses to.

That's how SSO Settings works.

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