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Screen Recording

Record Videos of Issues in Action

Short Overview 🚀

BetterBugs lets you record videos of the bug or an issue in action. Along with the recorded video footage, developer tool details like console logs, network logs, and system information are also included. This information helps to understand and resolve the issue with a better context.
The generated bug report with the attached video can help developers debug better looking at the video recording of the issue. Just like capturing screenshots, this can help present the issue effectively across all team members.
There are two options available while you record the video of a bug in action:
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Main Features of Video Recording:
  • Record Tab or Window
  • Record Videos up to 15 Minutes
  • Pause Functionality while You Record
  • Add Voice Notes from the Microphone along with the Recording
Once the video is captured, all the relevant details and information for the issue are added to it by the reporter. Clicking the upload button creates a unique report link with machine-like information.
These reports can be easily shared with the relevant people via the unique report link generated with each report.

Technical Information Captured with the Video Recording

When you go ahead and record a video with BetterBugs, developer-friendly details are included along with it. You don't have to worry about adding anything manually.
QA engineers can send to the development this report in just a few seconds making the bug-reporting workflow frictionless.
Below is the list of technical details automatically captured and included with every report:
  • Console Statements (All, Error, Warning, Log, Info)
  • Network Requests and Logs
  • Timestamp (Timezone when you captured, Your timezone, UTC timezone)
  • URL
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Window Size
  • Screenshot Dimensions
  • Extension Version
  • App Version
  • Bug Reporter
  • IP Address
  • Country
  • Timezone