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BetterBugs Attaches Developer Friendly Information Automatically with Every Bug Report

Debugging can be difficult without the related technical details of the issue. QA engineers have to worry no more about sending the logs from dev tools separately while reporting the issues to the developers.

BetterBugs automatically attaches key information like console logs, network requests and logs, and system information to the generated bug report.

The information below is attached to every bug report from Developer Tools

  • Console Statements (All, Error, Warning, Log, Info)

  • Network Requests and Logs

  • Timestamp (Timezone when you captured, Your timezone, UTC timezone)

  • URL

  • Device

  • Browser

  • Window Size

  • Screenshot Dimensions

  • Extension Version

  • App Version

  • Bug Reporter

  • IP Address

  • Country

  • Timezone

Custom Meta Data: You can also add custom meta-data to your bug reports as key : value pairs for your engineers to work with while debugging.

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