🚀Getting Started with Rewind

Steps to Use “Rewind” on BetterBugs

Here’s how to use “Rewind” on BetterBugs:

  1. Click the “Settings” gear icon in Betterbugs.

  2. Enable “Rewind” with the toggle switch in settings.

  3. Go back to the extension and enable the “Rewind” placed under the Screen Record feature. It’s set for the website or domain on which you are currently on.

  4. To get an instant website session, click once on the “Rewind” icon.

You can upload the entire rewind session to the BetterBugs account or choose to snip the video by dragging the green switches from both ends of the video snippet and selecting the desired timeline for it.

Note: The rewind session should be a minimum of 10 seconds, otherwise the upload will fail.


Here are the options available in the settings menu of BetterBugs:

  • Rewind: It’s a master toggle switch to enable or disable the “Rewind” feature across your extension.

  • Allowed Websites: It contains the list of websites with the “Rewind” feature enabled. Also, you can manually enter the web address and add it to the list of allowed websites with “Rewind” enabled.


1. Can I disable “Rewind” for all websites?

Yes. You can disable “Rewind” for all websites from the settings menu anytime you want. Just go to the settings menu and click on the toggle switch to disable it for the entire application and all websites.

2. Where and how is the data stored for the “Replay” feature?

The session data is temporarily stored in the local storage of your browser at first. The existing data gets replaced every 2 minutes with the new data. Once you create a replay session and upload it to your BetterBugs account, it gets stored on our servers in an encrypted format. You can then access and share it using the generated report link.

3. Does “Rewind” support capturing “GIF” animations?

Yes. “Rewind” supports “GIF” capturing in the rewind sessions.

4. Does “Rewind” support capturing iFrames and Canvas HTML elements?

No. Our goal is to provide a seamless user experience without any jitters or lags. Since iFrames and Canvas are heavy HTML elements, they are not captured in the “Rewind” session. If there are such elements in the replay being captured, it will get blacked out from the video footage.

5. Is the video playing inside the browser captured with “Rewind”?

No. The video being played in the capture will be blacked out. For example, if you try to use “Rewind” with YouTube, the videos will not get captured and appear as a black box.

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