An Overview

What is “Rewind”?

Rewind enables you to capture any issues or bugs that just happened. You can replay your last 2-minute activity as a rewind session, on the website or domain for which the BetterBugs “Rewind” feature is enabled.The “Rewind” feature enabled on BetterBugs is like having a friend who keeps watching over your shoulder. You can refer your friend whenever you need help replaying the last 2-mins of your activity.

How does the “Rewind” Feature Work?

In a typical scenario during software cycles, you spot a bug, recreate it, and then take a screenshot or record a video to document it and share it to get fixed. Once you enable the “Rewind” feature on any website, you don’t have to worry about recording or capturing bugs manually when you spot them.You can watch the replay without the hassles of recreating it and then recording or documenting it before sending it to engineers for debugging.The details and logs from the DevTools also get auto-captured along with the replay. You upload it as a comprehensive bug report to your BetterBugs account. You can then share it whenever and wherever you need to with the generated report link.

With every “Rewind” session you capture, BetterBugs auto-includes the following details in your bug report:

  • Last 2-min of your activities as a “Rewind” video snippet

  • Console Statements (All, Error, Warning, Log, Info)

  • Network Requests and Logs

  • Timestamp (Timezone when you captured, Your timezone, UTC timezone)

  • URL

  • Device

  • Browser

  • Window Size

  • Screenshot Dimensions

  • Extension Version

  • App Version

  • Bug Reporter

  • IP Address

  • Country

  • Timezone


1. How is “Rewind” different from Screen Recording?

Screen recording requires you to start and stop it manually, but “Rewind” only needs to be enabled once and gives you the last 2 minutes of activity with a single click. It is especially useful when you encounter a bug while browsing and want to replay it right away. With screen recording, you can also capture audio, but not with “Rewind”.

2. Is “Rewind” auto-enabled whenever I visit a new website?

No. You need to enable “Rewind” manually from the extension if you visit any new website and want to use it with that specific site.

3. Are there any performance issues with my Chrome browser when I use “Rewind”?

There are safeguards in place to make sure that there are no performance issues when you use the “Rewind” feature on a majority of websites. However, if you enable it for websites with complex UI elements or memory-intensive animations, your browser performance may be slightly affected.

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