BetterBugs For Developers

Developers can take advantage of the detailed bug reports by the QA engineers. The data-filled and context-rich bug reports generated by BetterBugs help to debug better.

Visual proof of issues in the form of screenshots or screen recordings tagged along with important details like console logs, network logs and requests, and system information with every bug report enable developers to resolve issues efficiently.

Key Advantages for Developers

BetterBugs goes beyond traditional bug reports by offering a wealth of information. Developers receive bug reports from QA engineers with console logs, network logs, system details, and more. This comprehensive data allows developers to gain deeper insights into the bug, reproduce it better, and resolve it much faster.

Visualize, Observe, and Reproduce Bugs

BetterBugs helps to provide a clear and detailed visual representation of the issue through screenshots or video recordings. This visual context with the included steps to reproduce provided by the QA helps to follow the exact steps to identify the root cause and implement effective solutions.

In-Depth Information

BetterBugs equips developers with in-depth information about each reported bug. From error messages to system configurations and environments, developers can access relevant details for a quicker and more accurate debugging process. This level of information ensures that developers can focus on resolving the issue rather than spending time gathering data.

Accelerated Debugging

By providing developers with all the necessary information in a well-structured manner, BetterBugs significantly accelerates the debugging process. Developers can dive straight into debugging the reported issues, leading to more efficient software development and testing lifecycles.

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