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Welcome to the Dashboard 👋

BetterBugs Dashboard provides options to manage your new and existing projects. After you log in by clicking the "Home" icon from the BetterBugs extension, the dashboard screen opens up with all the customizations and bug management options.

Here is an overview of the options available in the Dashboard menu:
  • My Workspace: This is the name of your workspace. It has all the options you can use as per your project needs. Based on your project name (default: My Project), you can manage all you want from this screen. You can customize the workspace name and add a logo or picture of your choice from the workspace general settings option available in the "Settings" option of the dashboard.
  • Create a project: Clicking on this option in the dashboard menu will open a modal window with all the options to create a new project. You can enter the new project name, and specify "Default Session Privacy" with options "Private or Public". Additionally, you can set the "Project Privacy" with options "Private or Public".
  • My Project (default project name): This is the default project name assigned when you create your first bug report. The list of project names will keep adding up as you create new ones. You can choose to customize a particular project by selecting it and clicking Settings > Project Settings > General​
  • Settings: Clicking on this option in the dashboard menu will open a new screen with all the settings options. Two main settings available to customize are the "Workspace Settings" and "Project Settings"
  • Get extension: A link to download BetterBugs free Chrome extension.
  • Profile Details: You can customize your profile name from down below the dashboard menu. Once you click to open the "three dots" from down below, you will get options to "Edit Profile" and "Logout"
Search My Project's Session: You can search through all the available bug reports for the particular project session. You can also apply Session Filters for your bug reports to get search results as per your requirements.