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Welcome to BetterBugs

An Overview

What is BetterBugs? 🤔

BetterBugs is a free Google Chrome extension that lets you create and share bug reports in just a few clicks. It can help you send detailed bug reports in simple steps making the bug reporting process faster up to 10X.
It has been designed and developed for enhanced and improved collaboration across software teams, especially between the QA engineers and the developers.

Why BetterBugs? 🤷‍♂️

Reporting bugs or issues can be a tedious task that eats up valuable time due to the traditional back-and-forth reporting methods. No one understands it better than the QA engineers. This leads to endless email chains and confusion, taking up a lot of time and effort. BetterBugs helps to solve this issue with easier bug-reporting workflows.

Key Features 📃

The key features of BetterBugs like one-click screenshots, screen-recording functions, detailed bug report generation with developer-friendly information, and easy integrations with popular project management tools like Jira, Linear, ClickUp, Slack, Asana, GitHub, MS Teams make it an excellent tool for all software team members.
Its intuitive and simple interface makes it usable for QA engineers, developers, project managers, and even support teams. BetterBugs makes the bug-reporting process easier, faster, and more efficient through clever techniques and smarter ways. 😇
It leverages the most advanced technologies to provide a simple, yet powerful solution to improve the existing bug-reporting methods enhancing workflows for increased productivity.