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Recording the Current Tab

What Does the "Record Tab" Exactly Mean?

When you start recording using the Record Tab option from the BetterBugs Chrome extension, only the current open tab gets recorded. It does not matter if you have other tabs open. They will not get captured.

Note: The URL address bar, bookmarks bar, and the system toolbar are NOT RECORDED.

Here's How to Record the Current Tab:

  1. Open the BetterBugs extension in Chrome.

  2. Click the "Tab" icon in the "Screen Record" row. (Alternatively, You can record the current tab without opening the extension with the shortcut Alt + Shift + Q on MS Windows machines.)

  3. The current tab starts getting recorded (upto 15 minutes). You can add voice notes along with the recording by enabling the microphone and selecting the input device. Also, you can pause the recording and resume from the popped-up control toolbar when you start recording.

  4. Hit the "Stop Record" button.

There you have it, the tab is recorded and good to go. You can now easily share the screen recording with the generated link. BetterBugs auto-attaches console logs, network requests, and system info with every bug report.

You can send the complete bug report by clicking "Send to your tools" available on the top right section of the bug report. You can select your integrated project management tool from the list of options.

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